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Steel ball jump


In the world of steel walls where every piece is made of colored steel and the way is never ending, your challenge is to guide the falling ball all the way to the top score ( sounds confusing yes! but it's the way to go) jumping from wall to another collecting gems while avoiding spikes.unfortunately controlling the ball horizontally is impossible, the zigzagging downhills provide the moving power, while your screen touch is brings the bouncing force, luckily there is a hidden secret that allows for double or even triple jumps, use it wisely or you may end up at the top of a spike.PS: there are also shortcuts at the edges of the screen, taking advantage of them affects your score positively.Features: • Unbelievably simple yet very challenging• Endless playtime• Choice between a single, double or triple jump• Zig zag road• Reach highest scores with gamecenter support
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